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24 June 2007 @ 10:17 pm
The showdown (or is it?)

One-on-one with paintonhigh for nine_wonders

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20 May 2007 @ 03:41 pm
Ice cream.

One-on-one with daughterof_evil for nine_wonders.

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29 April 2007 @ 02:53 pm
For Claude at nine_wonders, set a few years before 'Six Months Ago'.

Gabriel Gray was leaning in closely to the tiny device he was holding in between his long fingers. He handled it with extreme care, as if the instrument of time was so delicate, so fragile, it would fall apart with the smallest wrong movement he might make.

Narrowing his eyes slightly he looked through his special magnifying glasses to examine the inner body of the watch he was working on. He'd been studying this particular piece for days now and though it was working again the sound of the ticking mechanism was still slightly off. The instrument was running a second too fast.

Gabriel knew he was close to fixing it and his trained eyes wandered over the inner body until he finally found the flaw in the design. A soft smile came across his lips and an accomplished feeling ran through his veins as he replaced the tiny particle that had caused the problem. When he was done he held the watch near his right ear, just to make sure it was working perfectly again.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

There was an exact second between each tick the watch made. He felt pleased having been able to fix it.

The doorbell rang and Gabriel placed the watch carefully on his work desk. He first made sure all his instruments were in the right place before he took off his glasses and turned around to see who had entered the watch store. The man didn't seem familiar to him, it wasn't a regular customer.

Standing up from his chair Gabriel said, "Can I help you?"
17 April 2007 @ 09:56 pm
They were everywhere, he could feel them.

At first it had just been a vague sense of someone like himself being not too far, someone with a special ability within hands reach. So tempting, yet the feeling was still too scrambled to actually point an exact location. It was so frustrating to know that the powers were so near, yet untouchable.

That was weeks ago though, his own power had developed and it was like a sixth sense now. They were indeed everywhere and he didn't just felt it, he knew it. From miles away he could sense them and had he been interested he'd have their heads cut open within seconds, devouring the power and leaving the former owner for dead. But he wasn't interested in them all, not yet. He was on a mission. There were some powers that were far more significant than others, tugging his sense and teasing his desires. One of them was walking only a good 50 feet in front of him.

Sylar dug his hands deeper inside his pockets as he fastened his pace. A baseball cap was shrouding most of his face in shadow as he moved swiftly towards his target. He couldn't do anything yet, not here, in the park. Not that any of the people jogging, biking or running alongside him could do him any harm, he was more powerful than all of them combined. But he didn't want to attract any unwanted attention, thus decided to keep following his victim and wait with the attack until they had reached a less crowded area.

It wasn't long until they left the open space of the park and made their ways alongside deserted buildings and through back alleys. The sound of one pair of footsteps echoed through the small streets. If his victim was to turn around Sylar would no longer have a very likeable excuse as to why he was walking the exact same route, but he knew he'd think of something. Half the fun of killing after all was what happened before it. The observing, near stalking, and the discovery of what made his victims tick.

An expression that could only be described as a smile appeared upon his face as the distance between himself and his victim decreased. It was now or never.

tick, tock, tick, tock.
11 April 2007 @ 12:07 pm
Have you ever wanted to be special, to be somehow different from how you seem to be? Why or why not? If you were to become (or have become) special, how would you like your life to change?

When I was a kid I used to wish some stranger would come and tell me my family wasn't really my family. They weren't bad people, they were just insignificant and I wanted to be different; special. I wanted to change. A new name, a new life. But the watchmaker's son became a watchmaker.

It was so futile that I wanted to be important.

Everything changed the day Chandra Suresh walked into my store, telling me that I was in fact important; special. For the first time in my life the longing controlling my body was not just idle hope for something that was never going to happen. I had always known I was special and I was no longer alone with this thought.

I read all 465 pages of Activating Evolution in the days that followed. No I didn't just read them, I devoured them--my eager mind digesting every word of every sentence and with each that entered my head my life started to make more sense. This book was about me; I had finally found confirmation of my feelings and a new, better purpose in life.

I still had a long way to go. Though I was certain Suresh had made the right choice to come to me, he slowly but noticeably started to show signs of doubt. The one man that had ever understood the strong desire I've had to be special, the one man that believed in me, was giving up. I couldn't let that happen. No matter what it would take I would prove to him he had been right; that I was right.

So I took the address of someone else from the list, Brian Davis. I needed to meet him, see for myself why he was so important. Why he was supposedly so much better than me. And when I finally laid my eyes upon him everything fell into place. The solution to Suresh's problem proved to be far more simple than could be expected and I had found it. Me, a watchmaker's son, had found the answer to a scientific question a geneticist failed to discover.

It wasn't about having something the insignificant people don't have, on contrary, it's missing something--a flaw in the design of human beings. Brian Davis was broken and I was the only one who could fix him. He begged me to help him after all and all I did was obey his request.

I knew it would be hard for Chandra to comprehend this answer though. All these years he'd been searching for that extra something that made these chosen people special where now it turned out the opposite was the case. I decided to not tell him what I had seen. All I ever wanted was to be acknowledged as special and there were now other ways I could reach this goal. And Chandra would have finally found prove for his theories; he'd no longer be known as the once brilliant professor who had lost mind while trying to tell the world about seemingly foolish theories. It was a win-win situation.

Since then my life has changed drastically. I have a new name, new priorities, a new goal. I still fix things, there just not watches anymore. What I do now is much more important than that. After all, I am special.

10 April 2007 @ 08:20 pm
Gabriel lay motionless inside his isolated room. Bloodshot eyes contrasted the pale yellow face indicating his state of being. Any kind of feeling had left his body long ago. His mouth stood half-open and he was unable to move even his tongue over his cracked lips. He just lay there. Numb. Bordering on the edge of unconsciousness or worse; death.

His eyes were open, but they could have just as well been shut; they did not register anything that was happening in the confined space directly in front of him.

For days he had desperately tried to keep himself sane and awake by challenging that part of him that was skilled the most: his brains. Each time they came inside his sultry cell to test him, he had tested them too. Using that what was left of his powers to get a glimpse of their insides, seek the flaws in their designs until he found the information needed. It satisfied his curiosity and he also stored the findings inside his mind for future purposes. Of course not all of them had those little inconsistencies he so desperately searched for, but some of them did. If they were aware of this fact themselves was not very likely. The people on the list who did know, had only become aware of their special abilities fairly recent and Gabriel was quite sure that the man referred to as Horn-Rimmed Glasses was not eager to share his knowledge with the people it concerned. Too much information could make them leap out of his direct control after all.

Not that any of that mattered anymore. Now he was powerless, listless. His body drained of its strength he lacked the energy to dig deep inside their brains. Examinating their inner workings no longer gave him that fragment of hope that could keep him going. What good was it after all? He couldn't escape this prison, not after last time. Security had tightened, his powers significantly weakened. All effort was pointless, a meaningless respite of the inevitable. The end was lingering around the corner, he knew it. The final pang of hope had left his body with the last unidentified fluid he was injected with. The small red dot on the inside of his right arm being the only lasting proof for that.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick...

A sudden sound interrupted the forced silence. Gabriel's first thought - if the sensation penetrating his mind could be defined as a thought at all - was that he was listening to the soothing sound of time passing by. The mechanic noise of the clocks he compulsively took apart to fix them again moments later, were now ringing in his final moments. But then the sound suddenly faded away to make place for that of a soft tapping noise. Nearly inaudible, but in the eerie, quiet room present anyhow. The sound swiftly moved over Gabriel's bed until it finally came into view.

His eyes remained unaffected, lacking the strength to move or even just focus on the blurry image of the tiny creature so carelessly walking from right to left and back again.

Gabriel's mind only slowly processed the oddness of having this inferior animal inside his cell. He was no longer alone, which was peculiar on itself. The room was supposed to be completely isolated. A measure taken to keep the outside world away from him and to keep him away from that same outside world. He was a danger to it after all, or so he had been repeatedly told by a fumed glassed man, during those moments right after the second capturing. The man repeatedly spat out his anger by scorning Gabriel. The death of one of his employees influencing his emotions up till the point he could no longer control them, it made Gabriel briefly wonder if they had been engaged in more than a simple working relationship.

After the incident that same man had made absolutely sure the small space was completely sealed off so there was no way for Gabriel to come in contact with anyone outside of the 'doctors' occasionally walking in and out. And the systematically appliance of drugs had decreased the chance of reprise to near zero. It painfully but consistently broke Gabriel's body and powers down until his mind was no longer able to fix him.

Slow but steady the black trembling smudge on his vision became a solid picture of a cockroach, its hard shield reflecting the halogen lights into Gabriel's eyes. When finally the understanding of this sudden appearance entered his mind he smiled. It was not a psychical smile plastered over his face, not even a twinge of the lips--his body was still numb, his face locked in a glare of emptiness. But on the inside a small glee of hope burned, breaking down the poison that had spread through his vains. If this animal had managed to force itself into the confined space it meant the room wasn't fully isolated after all. Gabriel did not need a door sized hole to slip through. To escape all he really needed was a tiny connection to the outside world, just enough to drain the necessary energy and build up his strength again.

When the cockroach seemed to have enough of the pointless walking back and forth it made its way down the bed, vanishing out of Gabriel's direct sight as quickly as it had come.

His eyes shifted almost unnoticeably, for the first time in days. The drowsiness that had laid as a suffocating blanket over his willpower was quickly disappearing, making place for a malicious cold stare.

And then Sylar blinked.